Summer is here! Go kayaking or standup paddle boarding guided by the most enthusiastic, inspiring ganger, Jacky G. Get on your bikes and feel the wind as you gaze at the blue ocean or the banks of the San Gabriel River. Have you ever done a CicLAvia? See our city in a most interesting way; always a fun, interesting event

Coming soon is a night out at the Hollywood Bowl thanks to Fred T. August 9th is our annual picnic, which will be partially catered. It is at a new beautiful location. 

On a slightly more serious note I have to say that I was disappointed by the tiny response to our “Free Lunch” Board meeting in May. You would have had a chance to see your board and all the activity leaders working so hard for all of us.  You could have added you comments, suggestions etc.  Planning for the picnic and Fall Gala has been going on for months. All activities are always planed far in advance. Carl M. has our winter ski trips ready to go!

Soon we will have elections and all of you will be able to participate in the decision whether or not to change our name from “Over” to “On”. You will have the board’s reasoning in detail with the next newsletter.

Have a great summer and PARTICIPATE in your club’s guidance. 

For the last couple of months I have been hinting about asking you to support a modification of our name to On the Hill Gang Los Angeles. I have asked for your reactions but have only received a few; some in support and some not so inclined. Do you love this club as I do? Do you want it to continue even after we older members are gone? 

The majority of your Board has voted to place the question of a name change to the entire membership. To pass, the name change must be approved by 2/3 of THOSE WHO VOTE.  We will all be able to cast our vote at the October Gala and General Meeting. Even if you do not attend, you will be able to vote. 

Whatever happens, I will stay with our wonderful club and I hope all of you also will.  Please participate in this vote.

Thanks, Al

I am writing this message on July 4, which is a bit early for the August-September newsletter. Sometimes necessity demands flexibility, even though by the time you read this I will have turned 77 and will be even less flexible than ever
Two weeks ago our members, along with four VCOTHG, enjoyed a wonderful Sunday social at the beautiful home of DB L. As always, great wine, appetizers and conversation prevailed. Thursday, July 2, thirty Gangers, led by ever-capable Fred T., enjoyed an incredible outing and picnic at the Hollywood Bowl. Smokey Robinson plus fireworks were outstanding. In a couple more weeks we will enjoy our annual picnic, and soon after an evening picnic and concert arranged by Gary C. 
Now, thinking of October, the Fall Gala has already been planned and all who attend will be rewarded with excellent food, entertainment and camaraderie. Finally, I predict that El Niño will strike in late September; so keep those legs strong for skiing. Thanks, A
September 25, Sunday, 2:00-5:00, Calabasas

You are invited to our next Simply Social at member Audrey's home in Calabasas. We have many artistic talents among our members, and this is your chance to "Show & Tell" about your work. If your hobbies are painting, drawing, sculpture, sewing/quilting, jewelry making, photography, stained glass, pottery, woodworking/carving, writing, or anything else of interest, please bring a sample of your work to share. If you are among the artistically challenged, an unusual piece of art from your travels would be welcome as well. Add something to drink and a snack to share and join us for fun, food, and conversation. Please Email RSVP to Audrey at events@ohgla.org by Wednesday, September 21 and let her know if you will be bringing something to "show" and the approximate size.

October 23, Sunday, 5:30, Taix French Restaurant, Los Angeles

Please join us for our annual Fall Gala. It’s that time to come together again to meet your new Board, greet new members, renew acquaintances, enjoy great food, and share stories of our club’s events. We will have a special election at this annual general meeting regarding changing our club name and membership categories. Please come and give us your vote. Cost $30 per person. Please RSVP with payment no later than October 17.

November 6, Sunday, 12:00 to 3:00, Northridge

Please join us for a cocktails, assorted Asian-inspired appetizers and lunch at the home of Carol R. and Charlie C. This event is limited to twenty guests, and the cost is $10 per person. For more information and to RSVP contact Carol at events3@ohgla.org no later than Monday, October 31.

November 7-9, Monday-Wednesday

Please join us for a day and a half of wine tasting in the Solvang area. Participants will be picked up at the hotel and delivered to the wineries by a shuttle and return, so no driving will be required. Deadline for reservations is September 30. If you are interested, please contact Jo ASAP at events5@ohgla.org.

Activity . . . 
Sept. 25, Sunday 2:00

And Then . . .
Oct. 1, Saturday, 9:00
Old Pasadena

And After That . . .
Oct. 2-8, Sun.-Sat.

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Ethnic Dinner, Costa Alegre, September 11, 2016
Cave Temples of Dunhuang at Getty, August 31, 2016
Kayak/SUP: Sunset Beach, August 20, 2016

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